Our Story – Banafshaa

Our Story

Banafshaa came about as an idea to help women embrace their beauty and everyday style through modesty. Our aim is to help women feel beautiful and be confident about who they are without the need of being the most fashion-conscious person in town. We live in times where social media filters and skilful makeup hacks are used to enhance appearances, but as a brand we believe more in the power of a woman’s inner splendour and her personality. The idea is to take the concept of modesty back to what it was meant to be… modest! 

We also believe modesty isn’t just restricted to Muslim women. There are several women from various cultural backgrounds who choose to dress modestly. Whatever your idea of modesty may be, we want to cater to your needs. In doing so, we deliberately make an effort to photograph everyday women for our social media pages, as we have a high regard for simplicity and elegance of ordinary women because we believe every woman is extraordinary in her own right.

Banafshaa is inspired by a sweet violet flower that represents femininity and natural beauty, which we want women to exude through their own modest style. There’s a real confidence in those who stay true to their values and we hope to boost that spirit through our range of modest wear. We provide an array of quality hijabs/scarves in various fabrics, prints and styles so you can choose the right one for you. Whether you want to wear it around your neck, cover your arms or wrap it around your hair, we leave that up to you. We also offer a small range of abayas for those who want more coverage. 

With your support and love, we plan to expand our range to serve you better. 

Thank you for dropping by and we hope you enjoy what Banafshaa has to offer.