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Update Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter is possibly the best time for modest dressing. Oversized jumpers, knee-high boots, lots of layers, it truly is an ideal time for hijabs.

The one time when wearing layers will not make you sweaty. But are you bored with your usual styles and looking for a bit of a change?

Modest fashion has made its way into the mainstream, in the high street, and high fashion. Luck is definitely on our side, ladies!

It’s no longer the 90’s when well, there was no such thing as style when it came to modest clothing. So why not make the most of what’s out there and feel your best this winter? 

Get on the Dress Trend 

Got a love affair with dresses? Thankfully, you don’t need to wait for summer. The variety is excellent. Pick from satin, chiffon, plain or printed. It’s all there and all the on-trend.

Choose from polka dots, florals, sharp patterns, check prints, or plain. There’s something for everyone. There are plenty of knitted long dresses too.



Choose a floral midi dress and pair these with knee-high leather boots, layer with full sleeves plain top inside to keep you warm or throw on a plain jumper.

Wear a hijab that contrasts with the jumper to create an exciting look. We recommend neutral Georgette crinkled hijabs for work or on a casual day out.

Stay cozy, but in style 

Uniqlo’s Heattech crew neck full sleeves top is perfect for layering. Alternatively, you can try a plain maxi dress and pair with suede ankle boots. Suede boots never go out of style in winter.


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Wear a cardigan and choose a silk or satin hijab Viscose Silk to complete the look classy and graceful. If you prefer a casual look, then why not pair a more casual printed maxi dress with hiker boots?

There are plenty of options to choose from that will suit your personality.

They come studded with pearls and stones for a beautiful feminine touch. And if you’re not a fan of hiker boots, then opt for trainers. Still in style, and it’s the ultimate choice in comfort. Pick one that suits you best. 

Check out these hiker boots: https://www.dunelondon.com/hiker-biker-blog839/

Why not try a slip dress? 

Try it with turtleneck sweater and tights or jeans underneath. Wear a pair of trainers, and you’re good to go! Want to dress it up? Throw on a blazer and swap the trainers with some heels. 

Stay Cozy in Jumpers 

There are so many ways to style your jumpers these days. The best part is that oversized jumpers are trendy.

They’re comfortable, they are modest and keep you warm. Take your basic jumper and pair it with a skirt.



Whether you choose a pleated or satin skirt, choose one that enhances your appearance. Most importantly, choose one that you can carry off more confidently.

If it’s a midi skirt, then you can always wear a pair of tights or wear knee-high boots to stay covered. No one wants to freeze in winter! Pick a pair of thick opaque tights, so you can carry on with your day comfortably.

Choose solid colors that work well together and match your hijab with your skirt or choose a color that works as a great combination with the skirt and the jumper. Why not try a black jumper, a black skirt, and pair it with a maroon hijab? 

Not a fan of skirts during winters? 

Then opt for jeans. You can wear knee-high, ankle, or hiker boots to set the mood for the day or stick to trainers if you wish.

Finish off the look with a nude jersey hijab to keep you wrapped up all day. Don’t underestimate the clothes or shoes you already have in your wardrobe.

You don’t always need to buy a whole stash of new stuff. Sometimes just switching up the shoes or adding a skirt to the mix can do the trick. Buy something that you don’t already have and something that will match with your existing pieces.

A new hijab can a great addition, as its cost-effective and the right shade, fabric, or print can elevate your attire. What looks do you prefer during winters? Comment below.



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